Fall Special: Free Initial consultation and $85 for the first session! Call us today!

Shifted Perspective: Wellness and Trauma Consulting

Providing mental health services through Wellness and Trauma Counseling

Counseling and Consultant Services


Initial Consultation

During the initial free phone consultation, we will discuss how our services can best meet your counseling needs. Book a consultation with us today and let's work towards getting you one step closer towards healing.

30-Minute Counseling Session: $85

Our clinicians can meet you at home or through our Telehealth services. Call us today to schedule your session!

50-Minute Counseling Session: $120

Schedule a counseling session with one of our clinicians. We can meet in your home in-person or through Telehealth (an online session). We are also able to provide walk-and-talk method of counseling. Book a session today to find out more!

50-Minute Wellness Consultant Session: $150-$275

During the Wellness Session, you and your consultant/clinician will engage in a 50-minute self-care activity. Whether you have identified an activity in your treatment plan and/or there is something specific you'd like to try, our team of experts will be there to support you. Call us today to find out more about this intervention.

50-Minute Life Coach Consultation: $120

Life Coaching: What to Expect

  • The first life coaching session will look to gain an overall perspective of someone's life, before identifying which area they seek to improve or are currently unhappy with.
  • The life coach and client will agree goals that during sessions will be broken down into more achievable objectives.
  • Once you feel empowered with new techniques and perspective towards addressing current struggles, the life coach will continue to guide and support you while working on areas of improvement.