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Shifted Perspective: Wellness and Trauma Consulting

Providing mental health services through Wellness and Trauma Counseling

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Our first podcast! How exciting! Today we talk about self-medication, the pros and cons. We discuss the difference between taking psychotropics (medication for mental illness management) and using marijuana or other natural or synthetic substances as a coping tool. Different perspectives are discussed, both as clinicians and individuals.

Relationships and Alternative Lifestyles

One of our sauciest podcasts yet! Have you ever wondered what an “alternative lifestyle” relationship is like? What is polyamory and polygamy and what is the difference? One of our team members has lived that lifestyle and talks about her experiences in an open relationship. Tune in!

Serial Killers: Part 1

Bundy, Dahmer and Kemper, oh my! This week we talk about serial killers and how they fascinate yet horrify us. This is a 2-part series. We talk about how we personally feel about them and why we are so interest in them. We also discuss on whether they are born or made and what are some factors that can contribute to individuals becoming killers. Tune in if you dare!